Visions InfoLine - Domain Name
A domain name is your web address on the Internet (www.visionsinfoline.com) and no two sites can ever have the same domain name. However multiple domain names can point to the same web site. (mysite.com, mysite.org, thesite.info)

The Technical side of a domain name is a way of identifying and locating computers on the Internet. Computers use Internet Protocol (IP) address (e.g. to locate each other on the Internet and domain names were developed to let us use easily remembered words and phrases to identify these Internet addresses.

Each domain name replaces a string of meaningless numbers (IP address) with a simple word or expression.

Top level Domains
.com or .org are the top level domains under which domain names are registered. There are lots of different top level domains like commercial (.com .net) non-profit (.org) Each Country has a specific top level domains such as Australia (.au) France (.fr) Sweden (.se) and Italy (.it) and many more.

Register Your Domain Name
The first step in creating a Web Presence is to Register your Domain Name, this name is the way that potential users of your new site will find you! Use the FREE Domain Name Lookup below to check if your name is available.

Domain Names are Registered on a first come first served basis -
That's why it's Important to register your name before someone else does.

We can register your Domain Name now for only $14.99 fully inclusive There are no hidden charges with purchasing your name from us, You are Free to host your name anywhere.

All prices Quoted are for 1 year including all registration fees.


Need Help Getting Started... Follow These Easy Steps

Step 1.. Enter the Name that you would like for your site

Step 2.. Choose a Extension (.com, .tv, etc)

Step 3.. Press the GO! Button and find out if the Domain Name that you selected is available, If so you can register your Domain Name with Visions Infoline On Line. If not you can search as many time as you like, Its FREE!!

Step 4.. If the Domain Name that you selected is available you can pay online via secure server using your credit card.

Who owns my domain name?

You Do - Visions InfoLine will registered any domain name that you have requested in your own name or your Business name and the name is yours for the year period requested.

After the 1 or more year period you will be notified 2 months before the renewal date for payment for a further years to keep the ownership of your domain name

Should you choose not to keep the Domain Name after the years you registered for simply inform us that you no longer require your name and it will be available for other persons to purchase.

If you do not pay before the expiry period the name will become available for anyone to purchase your Domain Name.